Your 939 Western Apartments Guide for things to do between Classes

Staying motivated during the summer semester can be hard, especially if most of your friends have headed home for the season.

We’ve compiled some activities that you can do in and around your 939 Western apartment, in between classes!

Lucky for you, 939 Western is located near the University of Western, so you won’t be stuck on campus all day long. This is perfect during the spring and summer seasons as you can enjoy walking to and from campus with amazing weather to enjoy!

Things to do at 939 Western

Nap – power naps are proven to be effective and are a staple in the student lifestyle. Head on home to your 939 Western crash pad between classes for a midafternoon snooze.

Snack – you’ll be able to save money when you aren’t blowing it all on food around campus. Head on home between classes and cook yourself a meal. You’ll love cooking in your stunning kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances.

Study – need a space to study off campus? Visit the study lounge in building ‘c’ where you will have access to a computer, wifi and printer!

Game – the common room in building ‘c’ is the perfect place to relax with friends. Enjoy using the xbox station or play a game of ping pong during the day.

Relax – looking to soak up the sun? The courtyard is a beautiful place for afternoon picnics or for lounging.

Barbecue – use one of our barbecue areas to cook up a meal for your friends to enjoy in the courtyard.

Exercise – visit the fitness centre or yoga studio for a mid-day workout.

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Things to do around  939 Western


Caffeinate – staying caffeinated is important, especially when you are a student. Visit one of the many coffee shops that London has to offer. Find a coffee shop using our “Best Coffee Shops in London, Ontario” post.

Pets – CLV Group is 100% pet friendly. Head back to your 939 Western apartment between class and visit your pet. Click here for some activity ideas that you can do with your pet around your apartment!

Eat –Looking for somewhere to eat, but don’t want to go back to your apartment? Click here for London’s “Featured Placed to Eat”! Our Customer Care Coordinator, Ashleigh, recommends “Barakat”, a Middle Eastern restaurant located downtown, right beside the University of Western – how convenient!

Friends – it’s never too late to make new friends! Don’t forget, if you refer someone to live at one of our apartments,we will offer $400* in rewards just for referring a friend! *For full details, speak with your Customer Care Coordinator.

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