Top 8 Apps for 939 Western Residents – Student Edition

Being a student is hard. You are always on the move; running around, studying, making it to class, and trying to find some down time. Apps are great because they serve as helpful tools when you are in a rush, need some help with organization, or simply need a break. We have compiled the best student apps that you, our 939 Western residents should download now!


Keep track of your projects, reminders, grocery lists and more. You can also easily share your check lists to complete them as a team. Key features include a seamless sync across devices, integrated speech recognition, reminders and drag and drop functionality.
  1. Scribd
Writing papers can be daunting, especially if you dread spending time in the library or online searching for resources. Scribd helps students find millions of documents and books and you can easily sort what you are looking for by topic. You can even use Scribd to find novels to enjoy on your spare time.
  1. EasyBib
EasyBib is the world’s easiest citation generator; perfect for students who become frustrated when the time comes to create citations for a paper. Automatically create accurate bibliographies in seconds, and copy/paste them into your document!
  1. Viber
Did you travel far from home to live in your 939 Western apartment? If so, Viber allows you to connect with family and friends with free calls and texts! Share news, photos and videos to stay in touch.
  1. Dropbox
Losing an assignment is the worst fear that a student can have. Keep your documents, photos, videos and files safe with Dropbox. Key features include the ability to edit Microsoft Office files from your phone or tablet and the ability to send large files without an email attachment.
  1. Calculator #
Have you ever made it all the way to campus and realized you couldn’t finish your stats assignments because you didn’t have your calculator? Simply use RealCalc to avoid the struggle of going back to your 939 Western apartment to grab your calculator, or having to buy a new one on campus.
  1. My Study Life
My Study Life replaces your paper planner. Keep track of your classes, exams and tasks with and easy to read, colour coded agenda.
My Study Life
  1. Foursquare
Living at 939 Western may mean that this is your first time visiting London, Ontario. Foursquare is great for restaurant, café and bar suggestions around the area. For more information on 939 Western and why London is great place to call home, click here.
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