Let’s be honest; preparing for exams can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know that everyone studies differently, so it’s important to find out which method works best for you! Check out our study tips below – we know at least one of these will work well for you.


Find a study place that works well for you. Whether it’s in your room or in the study lounge in building ‘c’, try to eliminate all distractions and gather all of your study items before you begin. Nothing is worse than having to find a pen just when you’ve settled into studying.


If you’re in a course that includes a lot of readings, consider breaking them up into smaller chunks rather than trying to read the entire textbook at once. Reading smaller sections at a time allows you to retain what you are reading, and also gives you more time for study breaks! Allow yourself a break after reading two sections, for example.

Organize Your Notes

Consider rewriting your notes…multiple times! Rewriting your notes will help your memory recall, and it will also help you to condense your lectures into clearer sections. Try to write headings for every topic so that you can locate it easily when you have a question that you need to refer back to. When you are done writing, read through your notes and highlight the important key points or definitions.


Don’t ignore the questions! Study questions have been presented to you for a reason, and it’s important to that answer them for practice. More often than not, some of these questions end up on the exam, and you’ll be happy you already knew the answer from your time studying.

Exercise, Eat Well + Sleep!

Nothing is more important during times of stress than listening to your body. Try to remember to exercise, eat well and sleep when your body tells you to. You might think that pulling an all-nighter will benefit you, but you will just be tired the next day. Consider making better use of your daily schedule to avoid having to stay up all night. Don’t forget that the gym and yoga centre is located in building ‘c’ for your use!

Don’t forget to use the study lounge in building ‘c’ if you are looking for an alternative place to study!

Don’t forget to use the study lounge in building ‘c’ if you are looking for an alternative place to study!

Happy studying, 939ers! Don’t forget to stop by the office in building ‘c’ throughout the month of April for your FREE study package!

Do you have any study tips that we can share with the 939 community? Send us your tips to social@clvgroup.com.

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