How to Furnish & Decorate Your Home on a Student Budget

How can I furnish and decorate my student rental for an affordable price? Here’s how:

1. Prioritize
What do you NEED? Make sure to put the necessities first and the wants last. For example, you will probably want to prioritize a couch over a chandelier. By prioritizing, you will be able to make the right purchase decisions in order to stay within your budget. If you don’t have a budget, set one!

2. Second Hand
A great way to save some money and still get great value for your dollar is to shop second hand. There are plenty of ways to second hand shop including, accepting hammy downs, check out garage sales, consignment stores, or even by using Facebook marketplace.

3. Take Advantage of Sales
Avoid buying furniture and décor at regular price. Waiting for a sale is so worth it! Brand new furniture has a high markup price, which means furniture stores will typically offer sales to increase customer traffic every so often. Waiting for something to go on sale could be the difference between a couch OR a couch AND a coffee table.

4. Shop Around
Have you ever found the exact same item in two different stores but one was more expensive than the other? It happens way too often. Be sure to shop around at different retailers so that you can score the best deal.

5. Use What You Have
A great way to save money is to not spend any at all! Try reusing items you already have so you can put the money towards something else. If you no longer use an item, sell it. You can use the money you make from selling your things to buy new items.

With these tips, you will be able to furnish and decorate your student rental for an affordable price.


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