How to Decorate Your First Student Apartment

Decorating your first apartment can be hard, especially if you are a student with a hectic schedule and a tight budget. Just because you may only be at 939 Western for the school year, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to make your apartment an oasis. Your 939 Western apartment should be your home away from home, and we’ve put together some of our tried and true tips to keeping your crash pad organized and fully furnished (even on a budget).

You can begin planning what your apartment will look like before you even move in. If you don’t remember exactly what the space looked like from your private tour, ask your Customer Care Coordinator to send you a floorplan so that you can start thinking about your layout options.

Take a look at what you already have and determine what you will need. Chances are you already have items laying around that you can take with you to your new apartment whether it be pots and pans, a couch or a bed frame. If you have roommates, you should take some time together to see what everyone can contribute before you buy new items to help keep you within your budget. Once you have all of your existing furniture and accessories in place, you can determine what additional items can help bring cohesion to the apartment. Whether this be curtains,  accessories or other décor pieces, you can create an oasis that blends together and takes you away from your disorganized dorm room days. Once you know what you have, you can make a list of the essential items that you need, and split the costs amongst yourselves.


Keeping the common area walls neutral and adding pops of colour with accessories helps keep the room bright. The addition of the rug helps distinguish the living room from the eating area and the dresser against the wall acts as additional storage.

Quick Tips to Get You Started!
  • Unlike your dorm room or parents’ house, you are free to paint the walls in your apartment. Your 939 Western apartment will be freshly painted when you move in, and you can choose to leave the walls neutral and add a splash of colour with furniture, or paint the walls to give it a lived in feel. If you have roommates, it might be best to leave the common rooms neutral, and individualize your bedrooms.
  • Incorporate area rugs to add dimension, colour and texture. They can even help to define different areas.
  • If you find yourself running out of space, maximize the room you have by investing in bookshelves, storage beds and other organization and storage pieces.
  • Take some time for DIY projects instead of purchasing new items (paint old furniture, create your own artwork and more).

Happy Decorating, 939ers!

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