Holiday décor for $20 or less for your 939 Western student apartment!

Being a student these days is more expensive than ever before, especially during the holiday season – but that shouldn’t put a damper on your holiday spirit! There are so many inexpensive, easy, and fun ways you can decorate your 939 Western Apartment for the upcoming holiday season.

These crafts are all made from supplies you can find at your local dollar store. The best part? They’re cheap, easy and quick! With this décor, you can sleigh your next holiday get together. Grab yourself some eggnog and let’s get started!

Easy Holiday Candles

This one is real simple – all you need is the following:

Twine and Burlap 
Mini Pinecones (you can buy these or just find some!)
Hot Glue Gun 
Beads or Craft Balls 

The great thing about this craft is that there is no “right” way to do it! Just have fun with your materials and use what is around you! You can find more detailed instructions on this craft here.

Wrapped Menorah

If you celebrate Hanukah, we found a fantastic and easy menorah craft that can be made entirely from items found at your local Dollar Store. Here is what you’ll need:

8 little gift boxes + 1 slightly larger box for the middle
White or Silver Wrapping Paper (Or any colour you like!)
Blue Ribbon 
Tea Light Candles 

All you need to do with this one is wrap up your little boxes with wrapping paper, finish them off with ribbon, and then place your tea lights on top. You can make the middle box extra special like they did here and put a bow on it. You can learn more about this craft here.

Festive card display line

This is a cheap and easy way to display your Christmas cards and photos that will help them from being forgotten about at the bottom or your pile of mail. Do your lovely Christmas cards some justice. Here is what you’ll need:

Clothes Pins

That’s it. That’s really it. Just fasten these suckers over a nice window with some thumb tacks or nails, and hang away. If you want to get really fancy, you could also hang your cards on a line of Christmas lights! Couldn’t be easier – or cheaper! Find out more about crafts like this here.

Holiday Wreath

This is a craft that looks expensive, but it’s really only about $10 to make. Here is what you’ll need:

Old wire clothes hanger (the dry-cleaning kind that you don’t like anyway)
Dollar Store Bulb Ornaments
Foraged Pinecones
Door Hanger
Hot Glue Gun 

You’re going to start by untwisting the clothes hanger so you can string on your ornaments. This tutorial says to dab some glue under the ornament caps to prevent them from popping off. Then, you’re going to string the ornaments to the hanger in various order. Once you have them all strung up you can finish with some ribbon, pine sprigs, and pinecones. Twist it back together and hang on your door. Voila!

Now go and get festive!

We know how expensive it is to be a student, but hopefully these cheap and easy décor ideas help inspire you to bring some holiday spirit into your life! Check our Pinterest board for more easy holiday décor ideas.

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