Destress: Pre Exam Exercise for In and Around Your 939 Western Apartment

You study hard, sleep well, and eat a good breakfast, but did you know that studies indicate that 20 minutes of activity can boost test scores? Crazy, right?

According to Power 20 Method (2014)

“A brief, vigorous workout just before taking an exam can meaningfully improve test scores because memory, creativity and alertness improve measurably right after exercise.”


Luckily, there are MANY exercises that can be performed within the comfort of your 939 Western apartment. Power 20 exercises can be done within your apartment and require very little space and NO equipment (how convenient!). Power 20 is even geared towards students who are pressed for time. Download the Power 20 app here.


If you are looking to exercise outside of your apartment, consider using the gym and yoga studio located in building ‘c’.

Consider trying yoga (even if you are a beginner) to help focus your mind before your exams!

Let us know how you prepare for exams in the comments below.

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