Now that we’re well into October, you’re probably in the school grind; this means that midterms are underway and final exams are getting closer and closer. Chances are you don’t want to be on campus longer than you need to be. Check out our top 5 places for you to study around your 939 Western Apartment; you’ll thank us later! 1. 939 Western Study Lounge located in building ‘c’ | 1 minute 2.[...]
You study hard, sleep well, and eat a good breakfast, but did you know that studies indicate that 20 minutes of activity can boost test scores? Crazy, right? According to Power 20 Method (2014) “A brief, vigorous workout just before taking an exam can meaningfully improve test scores because memory, creativity and alertness improve measurably right after exercise.”   Luckily, there ar[...]
It can be hard to find the time to exercise, especially when you are an on-the-go student. Luckily, 939 Western offers a fully functional fitness centre and yoga studio for your convenience.   Did you know that there are many benefits to practicing yoga? Check out some of the benefits of yoga below and make use of the yoga studio today!   Helps You Focus Do you have an exa[...]
Getting back into your schoolwork routine can be a drag, especially if you had the summer off. We’ve complied our tried and true tips and tricks to getting your fall semester goals started, all with the help of the amazing 939 Western amenities. Keep Your Space Clean Staying organized is key to keeping you on track throughout the semester. You can achieve this by keeping your 939 Western crash [...]
At 939 Western, you don’t even have to leave your apartment community to do your laundry. Simply visit the laundry room on the ground floor for the ultimate convenience! If you’re used to having your laundry done at home, and are nervous about doing it for the first time alone, follow our student laundry hacks  and try them out in your 939 Western apartment complex. Sort Save time by sortin[...]
Let’s be honest; preparing for exams can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. We know that everyone studies differently, so it’s important to find out which method works best for you! Check out our study tips below – we know at least one of these will work well for you. Preparation Find a study place that works well for you. Whether it’s in your room or in the study lounge in building ‘c’, tr[...]