Welcome to Part 3 of our “Apartment Pets 101” series! If you missed our last two posts, click here for Part 1 and Part 2! Now that you’ve moved into your new apartment and “pet proofed” your apartment, it is time to help your pet adjust to their new home! Just like humans, pets may become overwhelmed with the moving experience and it is not uncommon to find that their attitude or mood changes d[...]
Located in Southwestern Ontario, London is currently the 11th largest city in Canada! London’s combination of a great community, recreational facilities, education, business and career opportunities are just a few of the qualities that make this city a great place to live. According to the London Economic Development Corporation, “London presents exciting job opportunities in a number of sec[...]
We’re looking for a part-time Brand Ambassador for our London properties! As a Brand Ambassador for CLV Group, you will be interacting with the public and helping to increase brand awareness. This role is a good fit for those who love working with people, like variety and have a knack for sales! You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people, work on sales strategy and support marketing effor[...]
According to the Canadian Animal Health Institute, approximately 7.0 million cats and 6.4 million dogs live in Canadian homes. Having a pet can be a great addition to any lifestyle, however, it can become stressful or overlooked when the topic of moving to a new home arises. Will your pet be okay while you’re packing? What will your furry friend do while you are making trips to your new locatio[...]
Living alone for the first time, whether by choice or circumstance, is huge milestone. However, this huge change may lead to feelings of anxiety, confusion or loneliness. If you have found yourself questioning how to adjust to living alone for the first time, or have been nervous to take the plunge, let us help you! Prepare: Budget Having anxiety about money is not uncommon, especially if yo[...]
Although second semester just began, it’s time to start thinking about what you will be doing next year (womp womp)! *Cue The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’. Getting prepared ahead of time makes the entire process easier on all of us! Don’t forget about our referral program where we will offer $400* in rewards just for referring a friend! *For full details, speak with your Customer Care[...]
Do you find yourself questioning how your utility bills have increased? If so, ask yourself some of these questions: did you leave your computer turned on? Did you take a long, hot shower? Did you do your laundry during peak times? Quite often, people do not take into consideration the simple solutions to reducing their energy usage. Follow our CLV Group tips and tricks for reducing your ene[...]