8 Ways to get the MOST out of your Summer Months off School

What makes summer break as a university student SO much better compared to high school’s summer time off? Four months of summer bliss with no school commitments is better than two!

Since school is put off for the time being, we know how valuable these months can be! Keeping that in mind, we came up with 8 of the best ways to squeeze every moment of summer goodness out of the precious time you have, without breaking the bank!


 1. Live Locally


You’d be surprised what wonders lay in your very own neighbourhood! Check out all the amazing London, Ontario restaurants, parks, entertainment, etc that are within a 25 minute radius of 939 Western! Or take a local vacation every weekend whenever you find out about something new!

Within the city limits of London, Ontario there are loads of local attractions/things to do. Check out the Clovermead Adventure Farm for a day of agri-tourism, look into what’s happening at Budweiser Gardens this weekend, or even spend an evening finding the clue and trying to escape from London’s Mystery Escape Rooms.

No need to pay thousands of dollars to go abroad when there is a wealth of historical sights, new restaurants and hot spots close to London that you have yet to see! Coming to your own 939 Western home every night after a day of adventure is much more cost effective than staying at hotels.


 2. Become a Pro Gardener

Or not, and just plant an apartment-friendly window garden. Sometimes outdoor gardens can be a lot of work,  but a mini garden in your window will not only improve your daily mood and reduce stress, it will also make you feel like an accomplished green thumb!


 3. Volunteer for a Good Cause

Before you go back to school, THIS may be the ONLY time you get to volunteer for a cause that truly speaks to you before it’s time for the big job hunt. Think “future”, because not only does volunteer work on a resume looks great to potential employers, but where you volunteer will also act as a guide for the rest of your career choices. Buff up that CV and be prepared once school  is over with some of that valuable “experience” already under your belt! Click this link to be directed to your local London volunteer resource center. They will hook you up with an opportunity perfect for you!


 4. Get Work Experience


Summer internships for students are a HUGE opportunity to get into the industry of your choosing and widely available through most Canadian universities and colleges. Check with your registrar’s office to see what opportunities are available for you, score your online resources, and use this time to update your resume!


 5. Get Active


Work off those final essay noodles and end-of-exams celebratory Pabst Blue Ribbons with some much needed daily exercise. Your body (and your mind) will thank you! Some local London parks you can and some friends can check out this summer are Victoria Park at 509 Clarence Street and Gibbons Park, located right off Oxford Street!


 6. Be Productive/Tackle all the Big To Dos


Eliminate the everyday stress you may be feeling throughout the University of Western Ontario school year from certain house hold or personal tasks not being done. Now that you have the time, buckle down and get it over with! Get that doctor check-up or do the yard work you’ve been meaning to do but have been WAY too busy for – until now! Trust us, you’ll feel so much better going back to school with all those to-do’s checked off your list and less stuff weighing on your mind.


 7. Learn a New Skill

Why not take the time to learn a new skill or start that hobby you’ve always found interesting?! Self-development shouldn’t just be at school!


 8. And best of all… Sleep in!

Enjoy your summer break at 939 Western everyone :) From the CLV Group team.

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