5 Simple Motivation Tips to Get More Done

Staying motivated can be hard, and with finals around the corner, staying focused should be top of mind. Consider using our 5 motivation tips below to help you get more done.



Create a short list of to-dos the night before so that you don’t waste as much time planning in the morning. Determine your schedule and stick to it.


Time Block

While planning your days, time block your top items so that you hit them all, and remember to time block breaks so that you reward yourself for your hard work.


Trick Your Brain

Did you know that adjusting your physiology helps you focus? Stop slouching, take breaks and keep moving. If you are looking to destress or move around, make a visit to the 939 Yoga Studio and Fitness Centre in Building C. Check out our post here for “Pre Exam Exercises” that you can do in and around your 939 Western Apartment.


Listen to Music

Sometimes the best way to stay in the groove is to listen to some music to help block out the distractions around you. Check out our 939 Western Student Study Playlist below, or on our YouTube Channel, here.


Celebrate Your Achievements

Review what you’ve accomplished and reward yourself. There’s no point in overworking or overwhelming yourself. At the end of each day, acknowledge what you’ve achieved and give yourself a reward, whether that be a few episodes of your favourite TV show or a night out with friends.



Looking for an apartment in London, Ontario? 939 Western offers spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments complete with outstanding amenities to help keep you motivated and on track with your student life. From a Fitness Centre, Yoga Studio, Computer Lounge, and Game Room, we have everything students crave. Stop by for your private tour or give us a call today at 519-914-2781.

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