5 Reasons to Live Off-Campus

If you’re a first year resident looking to move off-campus next year, or are already living off campus and are looking for a new place to call home, we have you covered at 939 Western. Living off-campus comes with its perks, and we’ve outlined them for you below!

  1. Privacy

Chances are, you may have had to share your dorm with someone you didn’t know, or even if you did know your roommate, you were confined to a small space with little privacy. 939 Western offers spacious and modern 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom apartments, allowing you and your roommates to have ample room for personal space. Maintaining your own private space is important for keeping you and your roommate(s) happy. You could even consider turning a bedroom into a study, or transfer the living room into a comfortable and cozy space to relax – which you probably weren’t able to do with on-campus housing.

  1. Amenities

Are you used to walking a long distance to get to a laundry facility, or even the gym? 939 Western is packed with amenities that are perfect for students – from on-site laundry in each building, a Fitness Centre, a Yoga Studio, Study Room, Ping Pong Table and Lounge complete with Wi-Fi and X-box! 939 Western is also centrally located making accessibility to the University of Western a breeze.

  1. Community

Whether you plan to stay in or explore the city, you will love the sense of community that both 939 Western and the City of London provide. 939 Western is where friendships are not only built, but where they last. Come on out to one of our social events and meet your neighbours – ask a Customer Care Coordinator for more information! The City of London offers events throughout the year – grab a roommate or someone you met on site at 939 Western and check out what the city has to offer. Check out the City of London’s event calendar here.

  1. Roommate Control

Were you paired with a roommate on-campus that you didn’t necessarily get along with, or are you simply looking to live alone? Living off-campus means roommate control  – choose from 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments or 3 bedroom apartments alone, or with your best friends!

  1. Pet-Friendly Accommodations

We saved the best part for last. Living off-campus means pet-friendly living! 939 Western is 100% pet-friendly, meaning your furry friend can spend the school year with you!

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