5 Places to Study Around your 939 Western Apartment

Now that we’re well into October, you’re probably in the school grind; this means that midterms are underway and final exams are getting closer and closer. Chances are you don’t want to be on campus longer than you need to be. Check out our top 5 places for you to study around your 939 Western Apartment; you’ll thank us later!

1. 939 Western Study Lounge located in building ‘c’ | 1 minute

2. Starbucks located at 265 Wharncliffe Road N, London | 3 minutes

3. Black Walnut Bakery Café located at 724 Richmond Street, London | 7 minutes

4. Tea Shop 168 located at 735 Wonderland Road N, London | 9 minutes

5. London Public Library located at 251 Dundas Street, London | 9 minutes


Staying up late to study and one of your favourite study spots is closed? Check out a list of coffee shops/cafés in London that are open 24 hours, here!


Do you have any other favourite study places in London? Let us know in the comments below.

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