How to Keep Smiling When It’s Cold Outside

    Winter can be a drag, especially if you aren’t a fan of the cold or snow. Keeping yourself busy or investing your time into activities that make you happy will help you get through the winter season. Follow our activity guide below for in around your 939 Western apartment that will help keep a smile[...]

    How to Decorate Your First Student Apartment

    Decorating your first apartment can be hard, especially if you are a student with a hectic schedule and a tight budget. Just because you may only be at 939 Western for the school year, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to make your apartment an oasis. Your 939 Western apartment should be[...]

    How to Use OneNote to Organize Your Life

    Do you love being organized, or strive to become more organized? If so, OneNote is for you. OneNote is essentially a digital binder that travels with you and syncs across all of your devices, allows you to work with others and share your notebooks for editing, and helps to keep everything togethe[...]
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